Our Boutique Daycare and Boarding is unique.  For our Boarders, mornings start with potty breaks in the yard, breakfast and city walks to welcome the day.  Daytime, for all pets, is spent in play: organized activity and yard time.


Evenings, for boarders, begin with meals, yard time for potty breaks, more evening play, city walks, treats and tuck-in aromatherapy massages.  Our senior guests and those with special needs are tucked-in to their suites.  We allow our other guests to decide; they tell us by their behavior whether they prefer to sleep in our common areas, cuddle with our kennel care providers or self-crate in their assigned suites.

We encourage our guests to check-in with enough food and medications for their visits, their favorite blanket, bedding and/or toys to make their visit to our facility feel like home away from home.  Please advise us of special diets, medications, allergies and physical activity limits.  Additional fees may apply for food, medications, special diets and specialty treats.

All of our spa services are available to our boarding guests.  All guests that stay 5 consecutive nights or more receive 20% off check-out services, such as an express bath or a full service grooming service.  Ask our Associates to help you customize your stay with Savings (Playcare or Boarding Packs), Spa Services, Meals and Drop-Off and Pick-up Services.

Save on Daycare with Play Packs - purchase a pack for easy drop off at any time or make a gift of it for other pet family & friends who would love our socials.

Vacation, Work or Emergency Travel - We want you to know that we are here for you and your pets.  To ease the costs, TCD Boarding Packs offer savings and convenience to meet your kennel needs. Terms and Conditions apply.


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