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The health and welfare of your pet is our top priority; and appropriate levels of activity and human interaction are essential for a wonderful experience at The Clean Dog, Inc. We work to keep our pets engaged and enriched with structured activities, supervised playtime indoors and outdoors, and individual and group walks spread throughout the day.  Our pets need our help to look and feel their best, too!  The Clean Dog, Inc. also attends to the health and happiness of your pet with outstanding grooming services. Our pet loving professionals have over 15 years of pet care and grooming knowledge.


Dog Daycare offers you the opportunity to encourage and build socialization skills with other dogs and people.  Pet owners who want to address some of the following issues:

  • High energy or Boredom

  • Fearful and Aggressive reactions when introduced to new dogs and people

  • Separation anxiety and Loneliness

  • Destructive chewing, digging and/or scratching

  • Excessive barking

  • Housebreaking accidents

may find success with our doggie daycare.  Whether you are looking for socialization, high energy activity, one-on-one training, or all of the above, engaging your pet in Dog Daycare at The Clean Dog, Inc. provides a safe and convenient way for you to address your goals.  

While your dog is with us, they will build confidence and behavioral issues will be minimized through play and interaction.  Dog Daycare at The Clean Dog, Inc. will give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe and fun place.

We separate our dogs based on their size and temperament.  Social dogs will have a blast playing in our group play sessions.  Pets with special needs, “cuddle bunnies”, non-social, older pets or pets that prefer to play one-on-one will get plenty of individual attention from our team members. 


Save on Daycare with Play Packs - purchase a pack for easy drop off at any time or make a gift of it for other pet family & friends who would love our socials.

Because our boarding guests spend the day playing and walking, by the end of the day, they are well exercised and ready to relax.  Our Old Fourth Ward location is a Boutique Boarding Hotel where we take a maximum of 25 pets for boarding at any one time.  Our sleepover pets have structured daytime activities, supervised playtime indoors and outdoors; cage-free sleeping and kennel options.

While your dog stays with us, we take extreme measures to ensure their safety. Your dog will be surrounded by trained and loving staff.  We will customize your dog’s stay according to their size, breed, age and temperament.  We will make modest daily changes to your pet’s activity and environment to keep your pet stimulated during their stay.  To safeguard a healthy and pet safe environment, we utilize and offer the following at

The Clean Dog, Inc.:

  • Strict vaccination policies and health exams at in-take to ensure your pet’s well-being during his or her stay

  • A secure, fenced-in facility, and continuous monitoring of your pets throughout the day

  • An environment free of health hazards such as toxic chemicals and objects that could be swallowed

  • Aromatherapy, music and mixed toy and activity stimulation (group play and walks, individual play and walks) to add variety to enrich our environment and your pet’s stay

​We want you to bring your dog's bed, blanket, toys, something that will make he or she feel comfortable during their stay.  We also highly recommend that you package and bring enough of your dog's pet food for the duration of their stay.

​Please be prepared to show proof of vaccinations.  All pets over 7 months old must be spayed or neutered.  Pets must not have been exposed to any contagious diseases within a 30-day period prior to check-in.

As in our Daycare, we separate our dogs based on their size and temperament.  Social dogs get to play, pets with special needs, “cuddle bunnies”, non-social, older pets or pets that prefer to play one-on-one will get individual attention from our team members.  

Play Care & Boarding Packs Do Not Expire.
Multiple Dog Packs apply to dogs of the same Family & Household.
Play Care & Boarding Packs Must Be Prepaid in order to receive discounted pricing.
Play Care & Boarding Pack discounted pricing may not be combined with other promotions or
  discount price offers.
All consecutive stays of 5 nights or more are eligible to receive 20% off Grooming Services or Express Wash Services completed prior to departure.
Complimentary Early Check-In; as early as 7:30AM weekdays and 8:30AM weekends.
We request all pets Check-out by 1PM.  Late Check-Outs are after 1PM and Incur a $20.00
   Daycare Charge per pet.
All dogs over 7 months old must be Spayed or Neutered.
All pets must maintain current vaccinations and anti-pest medications.
Clients are encouraged to bring bedding and toys to make their pet(s) comfortable.
Clients are encouraged to bring their pet's food in a resealable bag.  If you prefer, we will feed your pet a grain free diet.  The fee is $3.00/night.
Administration of Medication and/or a Special Diet is $5.00/day.
All Clients must execute & maintain a current TCD Enrollment Form on file.

Our professional Grooming Salon and Spa offers a range of exclusive services for your dog and cat.  Yes - we groom cats, too!  From express wash bathing and full-service grooming, nail trimming to ear cleaning and teeth brushing, our grooming staff is fully equipped to handle all of your pet's grooming needs.  Our attentive, friendly and knowledgable team has over 15 years of combined experience bathing, grooming and caring for pets.

We offer three types of grooms to keep your pet happy and healthy:

The Midtown is a sanitary clip, nail trim, paw pad shave, ear cleaning and plucking, if necessary, anal gland expression, shampoo, condition and blow-dry, and a finish trim of the face, paws and skirt.

The Cosmopolitan is an all over body cut to the desired length, a sanitary clip, nail trim, paw pad shave, ear cleaning and plucking, if necessary, anal gland expression, shampoo, condition and blow-dry.

The Uptown is a breed specific or “Best- In-Show” cut, a sanitary clip, nail trim, paw pad shave, ear cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, shampoo, condition and blow-dry.  

Add-Ons & More services can be added to your pet’s Groom, Express Bath, or Self-Service Wash, just review our Add-Ons Menu, Book-It Menu or consult our knowledgeable staff at 404-567-1750.

We encourage you to make an appointment for grooming services to make sure that we can give your pet the proper amount of attention that he or she deserves.  Having said that, of course we understand that “life happens” and you may need a same day appointment.  Drop in or call us and we’ll do our best to take care of you and your pet. 

Please allow a minimum of 4 hours for us to complete grooming services.  Sometimes our turnaround time is shorter, but during peak days, times and holidays it’s sometimes longer.  Let us know if you have scheduling restraints that require an expedited groom.  We do our best to communicate when we think we need more time with your pet; and we promise to call when your pet is ready for pick-up!


At The Clean Dog, Inc., we pride ourselves in providing quality, boutique services at reasonable prices.  Prices are based on the pet's breed, size, condition and length of the coat, and temperament.  We are happy to give quotes - a price range - by phone or in-store, so that owners know what to expect from our services. 


If your pet requires hand stripping or a breed specific groom, has parasites (fleas & ticks), achievable matted hair removal, a closely matted coat that requires additional scissor and blade work to remove without injury, or shedding undercoat issues to name a few, then additional charges may apply.


Please consider that each successive groom is also based on the size, condition and length of the pet’s coat, and temperament.  Time that may or may not have lapsed between grooms requiring more or less attention, pests, and skin and coat conditions that may present anew, also influence price.  


10% Discount - We pass on the benefit of regular maintenance and grooming by offering a 10% re-booking discount for appointments made within the recommended period (2-4-6 weeks). 

You have a full life - busy and sometimes even hectic, but you want to pamper your pet whenever you can.  Our Express Wash is perfect for you - while you run errands, relax or have a spa appointment of your own; we bathe your pet. 


With quality, care and convenience in mind - this is a full-service scrub in two hours or less.  Your pet enjoys our conditioning shampoo, tearless facial, and skin and coat conditioner - during a full body massage.  After a thorough rinse, towel dry and ear cleaning, we finish with a fluff dry and brush out.  


Additional services such as nail trims, pawdicures, teeth brushing, shedding coat removal, and more - see our Add-Ons Menu - are available to enhance your pet's experience.

Pricing for our Express Washes is determined by size, length and condition of your pet's coat.  A pet's coat less than 2 inches long is considered a Short Coat; longer than 2 inches is a Long Coat.  If your pet has fleas, ticks, matted hair or a double coat, additional fees may apply.

Express Wash Packs

The convenience of the express was service with the advantage of savings!  Each Express Pack includes 5 express washes.

Our Inman Park Location, Returning Soon, will offer Self Service Washtubs.  Urban living comes with many benefits - Self Service at our facility allows you to bathe and bond with your pet in a fun place while forgoing the backbreaking mess of pet hair and water everywhere at home. 


The Clean Dog, Inc. provides raised tubs to eliminate back strain, a tether to secure your pet so you can use both hands, shampoo and conditioner, and towels and dryers in a clean and safe environment.  You can also customizable the spa experience by selecting Add-On Services, such as a nail trim or grinding, blueberry facial, spa shampoos, etc.

We offer a variety of Add-On services for you to chose from to enhance your pet’s spa experience.  You may select any of these services a la carte to combine with Full-Service Grooming, Express Washing or Self Service Bathing. 


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